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Creativity, customer proximity, flexibility and highest quality awareness: our service team handles all the measures for your advertising success, from the idea generation over the assembly and the print to success monitoring.

A strong focus lies on the permanent creation of new products and the adjustment and the recommendation of products for the specific application of your promotional articles. Therefore, we can for example assist you to provide the perfect slogan for the selected product: with the specification of the advertising objective, place of action, target group and industry of the advertiser, we are able to find the appropriate claim that makes your individual promotional product really successful. And vice versa we also find or develop the suitable product to your already existing claim!

Ideas for your growth

The emotion factory emerged as start-up company of the Multi GmbH in 2002.

Von der Multi GmbH übernommen wurde das Label „Werben und Wachsen“, in dThe label „advertise and grow“ is a continuation of the Multi GmbH, where you can find everything to the „green promotional purpose“ - from flower pots over Seed-bags to herb gardens. But it didn’t stop with advertising plants. Yet in the same year, the previous directors Jörg Dennig and Stefan Kühlbrey marked the birth of the segment „x-mas ideas“with festive products to Christmas. Besides creative Christmas cards with the „certain something“, real little trees and nostalgic baking tins or atmospheric swooped figures, there are many more specialities for a successful advertising fest. In the further segment „gadgets“ , the promotional product industry and advertisers will find more ideas to spread communicative messages with the highest attention value: key rings, cans, candles or baking tins are just some examples that distinguish themselves through the permanent application of the user.



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A traditional family business

The emotion factory is a brand of the Heri-Rigoni GmbH in the Black Forest since 1 July 2016.

Our manufactory was found in 1961 of Herbert Rigoni in Fischbach. Until today, the Heri-Rigoni is a traditional Black Forest family business, that is today led by Michael and Armin Rigoni – the sons of the founder. Our employees have many years of experience and fulfill their work with passion. Our family business makes the highest demands at the function and the everyday usefulness of its products.

A sustainable production has always been the guideline for our entrepreneurial activity. A responsible handling with resources, efficient use of renewable energies, heat recovery, own electricity generation via photovoltaics, product longevity, waste prevention and recycling as well as building- and vehicle management are important elements of our engagement fort he environment. Located in the Black Forest and therefore obliged to its home town, the combination of environment protection and economy also results in the future in an obliging corporate goal.

Since 2013, this is documented by the environmental certificate DIN EN ISO 14001. Our customers have the benefit of the common trade show presentation with writing instruments and stamps and the emotion factory products. Thus, uprising synergies let us grow together and make us competent. Since 1977, we are a production member of PSI.

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