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Seed-bag mini - Natron paper

Seed-bag mini - Natron paper

The seed sachet, which is used a million times as an advertising medium, can be completely designed and be filled with a wide range of seeds.


Approx. 6,3 x 9,8 cm


Approx. 4 g

advertising space

Front: Approx. 6,3 x 9,8 cm
Back: Approx. 6,15 x 7,3 cm


Offset printing, 4/4-c process.

minimum quantity

1.000 pieces

types of seeds

Sunflowers, Summerflowers, Cress, Marigold, Herb-mixture, Chilli, Grass, Marguerite, Persian clover (seeds), Basil
Spruce**, Forget-me-not, Thyme, Marjoram
** Please note surcharge, depending on the product.
Other types of seeds on request.


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