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Corrugated board plant-cubes mini

Corrugated board plant-cubes mini

The green mini plants can go directly in the box made of corrugated board. Your advertising finds place on the surrounding paper band. If desired, there is additional space for promotion on the side of the cube.


Approx. 4,0 x 4,0 x 4,0 cm


Approx. 9 g

advertising space

Paper band: Approx. 16,0 x 4,0 cm
White sticker: Approx. 2,2 x 2,2 cm


Digital printing, 4/0-c process

minimum quantity

250 piece

types of seeds

Sunflowers, Summerflowers, Cress, Marigold, Herb-mixture, Chilli, Grass, Marguerite, Persian clover (seeds), Four-leaf clover**, Basil
Spruce**, Forget-me-not, Thyme, Marjoram
* Prices can vary according to the seeds ** Please note surcharge, depending on the product.
Other types of seeds on request.


Corrugated board layers are glued by hand.


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