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This special barrel made of maple wood is filled with a peat tab as soil, spruce seeds and planting instruction. Get your promotional message moving with the individually designed paper sticker, which works as a lid.

A small cardboard-box with great impact. The individual promotional message is located on the advertising card, which is slid into the lid. The slide box includes one baking shape made of stainless steel, made in Europe.

An enchanting scent of vanilla or cinnamon-orange blows towards you as soon as you hold the lovingly packed mini soaps in your hands. The omnipresent topic of hand washing is picked up by this handmade product.

The Christmas scent of vanilla or cinnamon-orange makes you feel good, even before the bathing tab has dissolved in the warm bathtub water. The handmade, aromatic bath additive makes the customer feel good in the cold season.

100% natural rubber and consist of European, fair trade raw materials. Available as a single piece or packed in an organza bag with 4/4-c printed hangtag.

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